At P.H. Wilson Law, we care deeply about protecting our clients from legal risk. We see firsthand the impacts that can result from compromising legal work, ranging from companies being forced out of business to owners losing their personal assets or equity in companies they started – all because a law firm didn't devote the attention needed to adequately protect against foreseeable legal risks.

We will never let this happen to our clients by accepting matters we do not fully understand or taking on engagements where we are asked to give anything less than our full effort on a project. While this leads us to turn away more business than we accept, it leads to an exceptional level of service and work product for our clients.

Our thorough approach means we are not the right fit for everyone. While we are practical and our rates are naturally lower than those of the large firm, prospective clients who wish to cut costs by hiring a discount firm should search elsewhere. Those who want a firm that will take a relentless approach in guarding against legal risk, and significant long-term expense, have come to the right place.